Volunteering with the Club

Help us out! WMBC functions solely on the support of its members who volunteer their time and skills.

Why should you help with the Club?   Everyone has their own reasons for helping with the Club, but it usually comes down to wanting to make a stronger mountain biking community in Sudbury.

Our riders have come to expect a lot from the Club over the years.  There is a nucleus of people that try to make it happen.  Everyone that helps would like to live on a bike, but they realizes it’s tough to make a living riding a bike, so we have to hold down real jobs on the side. We all love and breath bikes, riding and trails.  And it takes people with that passion for the sport to really nurture a Club and get it to grow. The Club has come a long way since 2008, and is, in many ways, helping fuel the resurgence of the sport in the Basin. So, help us make it even better!  There is tremendous potential here, and together we can bring trail riding in Sudbury to all new levels of awesomeness.

There is lots to do in our active Club, but the load is light when many hands and minds are involved.  So how can you help?   There are tonnes of ways for you to pitch in!  You don;t have to sit on the Board.  Below are 3 area you can get involved, depending if you want a bit, a little more or a lot of involvement.

1) Get a bit involved in Club activities…

What can I do?

2) Get a little more involved in Club activities…

What can I do?

3) Get really involved in Club activities…

What can I do?