Naughton Trails Closed to Biking

Signs have been posted at the Naughton Trails indicating that they are closed to biking ‘til spring.  The trail markers will come down over the next week.  The Ski Club is busy getting the system set up for skiing and snowshoeing.  If the conditions suddenly change to provide a solid trail surface to ride on, we can open the trails up again for riding. Stay tuned for fat biking opportunities on the skate trails once a firm base is established.

Get your 2018 WMBC Membership

Just in time for your Christmas gift shopping, the 2018 WMBC membership registration is on-line!  Membership plates can be mailed out so you can put something under the tree for your special someone.

Trail Condition Update - Nov 9

The snow and temperature swings below zero are leaving the Naughton trails wet and soft during the day. Friday's -4 forecast is a bit of an exception to this, but the trend is thaw during the day and freeze over night. Please refrain from riding at Naughton until conditions improve. If we get an extended period of below zero, and dry weather we could consider reopening the trails until the snow starts to accumulate.

Naughton Trail Update - Nov 5

With the snow on Saturday and the drizzle today, there is a lot of standing water on the Naughton trails and they are starting to soften up. I’d ask riders to stay off the trails for a couple days. Look back for an update on November 8, to see how the drier weather is affecting the trails. 

Naughton Trail Conditions

The Naughton trails need a little drying time to recover from last week’s rain. Please refrain from riding today. If you have some energy to use up, the work party activities today offer great cross training opportunities!