Fat Biking on the Naughton Trails - Winter 2018

Fat Bike Trail Conditions - What are the trail condition in Naughton?

Fat Bike Facebook Group - Find out who wants to ride and where.

Setting Your Tire Pressure - Thanks to the Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition

How Cold Temperatures Affects Your Tire Pressure - Thanks to Bontrager

What to Wear Fat Biking

Fat Biking Etiquette - How to behave on the ski trails

For the winter of 2018, the WCCFC is allowing Fat Biking on its groomed skate trails at specific times.  Skiing events at the trails may close to the system to Fat Biking, so check the website before heading out to the Chalet.  The Club is still testing this arrangement with Fat Bikers to see if it is all workable.  A large component of the test is to determine how difficult it is to manage around the weather and interactions between the various trail users. 

What are Bikes are Allowed on the Ski Trails?
You can only your ride fat bikes on the trails, so leave your mountain bike at home.  Fat Bikes have special frames to accommodate tires 3.7” up to 4.8" in width.  Tire pressure depends on the tire diameter and the rider weight, but is very low at 1-8 psi, providing a large contact patch on the snow, good traction and preventing the tire from sinking into the ski trail. Don't forget that your tire pressure drops when you take you bike from the warm house to the cold trails.

The Weather Factor
Cold weather will create a firm trail and this is key to making fat biking a low impact sport on ski trails.  Check the Ski Club website for information indicating if the trails are suitable for Fat Biking. Just because ski trails are open, does not mean bike trails are too. Recent snow may create soft trail conditions. 

Fat Bike Group Ride Dates
Group Rides will be scheduled one or two times per week when the weather and trail conditions line up to allow for bike biking.  Follow the Facebook FatBike Group or keep an eye on the website for this information.   Fat bike group rides will start Tuesday Dec 5, 6:30PM.  We hope to vary the venue but weather conditions may dictate where we hold the ride (and we might have to swap locations fairly late, if there is unexpected weather).  Seeing as these will be night rides, make sure you have a good light (and a backup light).  Here are a list of possible venues. If you have additional ideas please comment, pass it on to Scott.

  • Kivi Park
  • Naughton Ski Trails (once open)
  • Laurentian Ski Trails (until skiing starts) and on walking trails in the conversation area
  • Fielding Park (trail conditions permitting)
  • Nordic Ski Hill
  • Moonlight Beach to Laurentian Trail
  • Lake Riding (lake conditions permitting)

Where can I Ride?
At Naughton, the trails will be marked to indicate which trails are open and closed to Fat Biking.

Subject to suitable conditions for riding, ski trails that will be considered for fat biking include the 1 & 3 km loops, upper loop, western loop and eastern loop (the 5 & 9 km loops).    Before you pack-up and leave for the trails, check with the WCCFC website and at the Chalet to find out which trails are open for riding.

When can I Ride at Naughton?
Check the WCCFC website for specific ride times and times the Chalet is open.  Trail will be closed to riding when the Ski Club has other programs and events planned.

Closed to Biking Times include:

  • Saturdays, Jan 6 to Mar 10, 10 am - 2 pm - 1 & 3 km Trails - Jackrabbit Program
  • Sat Dec 30, 8 am - 2 pm - Woolly Hippo
  • Tue Jan 16, 5 pm - 8:30 pm - Night Light Race
  • Fri Jan 19 all day - O-Cup Weekend
  • Sat Jan 20 all day - O-Cup Weekend
  • Sun Jan 21, 6 am - 4 pm - O-Cup Weekend
  • Tue Jan 30, 5 pm - 8:30 pm - Night Light Race
  • Tue Feb 13, 5 pm - 8:30 pm - Night Light Race
  • Tue Mar 6, 5 pm - 8:30 pm - Night Light Race

Trail Fees

The Ski Club grooms the trails and skiers buy a membership or day pass, so you can’t ride for free.

Day Ride Fees
    WCCFC Members                   - Free
    All Others                             - $15

Night Ride Fees
    WCCFC Members                  - Free
    All Others                             - $12